The Future of Work, is a 'not for profit' initiative raising knowledge and aspirations around careers that take us forward to a sustainable future.

We're launching this initiative by providing free webinars (live internet streaming) to young people in schools to give them an opportunity to find out and ask questions about the careers of people, whose jobs are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainability Goals - especially Goal 13, Climate Action.

We want to present a real picture in real time of what it is like to do a particular job and inspire young people to explore sustainable careers they may not have heard of or don't know about. We want to give children the opportunity to interact by asking questions and generating live debate. Employees of organisations (those who place sustainability firmly on the agenda) will talk about their roles and responsibilities - and share their own career paths, offering guidance and suggestions about career choices in their field. Employees will talk about the future and importantly how their organisations are meeting the SDG's. Research* shows that pupils who heard directly from volunteers about the realities of their work went on to get better grades. Low achievers were particularly motivated.

The Future of Work is important for every child. Often pupils from under represented backgrounds, can't access real time career information, this technology enables them to engage openly with the workplace. We believe more diversity at work makes for a fairer and more representative world.

We want to use this scalable technology to help young people take advantage of new opportunities presented by a changing world and in doing so raise awareness of important issues facing our societies and our planet. This project provides a very low carbon (virtually nothing!) way for schools, companies and organisations to get involved. Due to technology no time is wasted travelling and we can reach every student no matter where they are located. 

We need you to join us in our mission, We can’t do it all by ourselves. Are you a student, parent, guardian, careers teacher or just interested? Would you like to know about our plans? Please sign up to keep in touch with our work here

The Future of Work - careers for a changing world

*Report by Education and Employers Charity  - Motivated to Achieve, 6th June 2019